“The key to this business is personal relationship"

Human Resources

Sales boosted your organisation. Now it is time to ensure that your future battle can be won. You are in need of people who understand what business you are in and are able to go along with your values.

We can offer you Recruitment, Search and Selection services.

“We create your momentum and empower your great idea”

Business Development

Innovation is what continues your growth.
You will have to add or create value to your product or service.

Not an easy job, but something that will last and give you
Return On your Investment.
Focus on your core and best practise.

We can offer you a no-nonsense development process with a clear growth strategy planning.

“Bringing your vision to success”

Marketing & Communication

The best product or service will not be successful without the best mind set of your consumer needs and expectations.
The consumer benefits should be very clear and the
Unique Selling Propositions undisputable.

Don’t let the wrong awareness and image overtake your Identity. Create and take care of the best Marketing and Communication methodology and approach.

We can offer you: communication strategy, advertising, corporate identity, design, multimedia, exhibitions, marketing and photography.

“Roll with the punches, tomorrow is another day"


All you can offer is set in the best position
and now you have to sell it.
We can offer you a commercial plan
and our sales mediation.
“We create your momentum and empower your great idea”

Project Management

Time is running out of your hand and somebody has to do the job.
For all our services we can offer your our time and experience.
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Frank Cohnen
Managing Director

FCVision B.V.


"The Art of seeing the invisble" - Jonathan Swift -



"Look and feel in other dimensions. No Fear, no boundaries. Use your Imagination and find your Passion" - Frank Cohnen -



"Where the world ceases to be the scene of our personal hopes and wishes, there we enter the realm of Art & Science" - Albert Einstein -